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Get Access to Our First Ever Indigenous Wisdom Keepers Symposium

On April 1st, 2020, Taita Juanito led a live and interactive workshop offering solutions to
help you organize, grow, & flourish in these times.

While the live workshop has come and gone, here’s your opportunity to still stream or download the free recording.

Scroll down to see a picture of how to do both.

access the recording

“Everything is already getting better… what is happening was always going to happen because it is part of humanity’s return home. All the events taking place are guiding humanity back to Source, to balanced living, to the Ancestral Memory… it is returning humanity, as a single race, back to the flow of Creation, it is returning you, me, all of us, back to Love.”
-Taita Juanito

When you go to  download this free course, you’ll have two options, to download or stream. It’ll look like this:

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