6 Month Hapé Apprenticeship-For Non Club Members


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We are stoked to announce that we are bringing to you, a six-month study with Chief Haru Kuntanawa. Over the next six months, we will participate in one monthly 90-minute class as part of a Hapé apprenticeship. It’s free to our club members. Due to a few requests, we are making this course available to non-club members with a cost to help compensate Haru for this offering.

Under Chief Haru’s guidance, you will:
• Study many of the different herbs & plants used to make Hapé.
• Receive sacred teachings to better understand the ancestral memories guarded within each of the traditional medicines.
• Have the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance from an Amazonian Wisdom Keeper & Hapé Master regarding all things Hapé, in order to support you on your journey with the plant ally.
• Participate in different diets & spiritual payments given to you by Haru that you can do in the comfort of your home to deepen your understanding and relationship with Hapé.
Our first class is set for Sunday, June 27th @ 12pm PST/3pm EST. The remaining classes are scheduled for the fourth sunday of every month.

You will also get exclusive access to the recordings following each month’s session. We are thrilled to take this journey with you, and we hope you will enjoy this special offering to support you in your hapé studies.

Sign up for the Hapé Lovers Club by Saturday June 26th to get the course for free!

2 reviews for 6 Month Hapé Apprenticeship-For Non Club Members

  1. Cecelia Lore ramsey

    It is so amazing that technology has connected all of us in ways never before possible. I couldn’t have imagined that I would be able to learn these Sacred Teachings and practices from such an amazing Tribal Leader and Medicine man such as Haru Kuntanawa. I really appreciate how generous he is when answering individual questions and really taking the time to help us on our Path. Thank you all for making this course possible!

  2. gizzmo1.lh

    I absolutely love these special classes and where we can join together. And yes Haru Kuntanawa is a wonderful teacher. I feel incredibly honored and blessed each time I get to sit and even video presence. And here his great wisdom of the plant medicine and the sacred ceremonies. Helping each one of us to achieve our own sacred beingness. If you have a chance to join us please do I think you’re really enjoy the beautiful family

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