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Amazonian King Nettle Ortiga Tincture

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NOW AVAILABLE IN 2 SIZES…our Bestselling Amazonian King Nettle Tincture! Have you ever tried the Ortiga therapy? Ortiga, or King Nettle, is an incredibly healing plant therapy offered in the Ingano Plant Medicine Ceremonies as part of the healings. It is used to open the pores all over the body to help release stagnant energy, traumas, and painful memories from the body. King Nettle acts as a hemostatic, besides balancing the nervous systems, it stimulates the digestive system and helps the pancreas, gallbladder, and stomach work properly. In the form of a tincture, you get all the physical benefits while literally taking a part of the jungle home with you and having the opportunity to take this powerful medicine internally. Wonderfully healing for all blood issues, circulation problems, and nourishment of your cells.

The small bottle will last about 45 days, the large about 90 days, based off of daily use (best taken in the evening time). Store in a cool dark place.

This tincture is made by Jhon Freddy Cepeda, one of Taita Juanito’s longest studying disciples. He is an incredible botanist and plant medicine practitioner and has created a superb, high quality product for you to enjoy.

Ingredients: Ortiga (king nettle), distilled in organic cane alcohol

This product is not approved by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. All product information is for educational purposes only. We recommend consulting your medical practitioner before beginning treatment.

*Consumption recommendations are based on use by traditional peoples.*

10 reviews for Amazonian King Nettle Ortiga Tincture

  1. Svetlana Bego

    This little beauty helped me to deal with a heartbreak that was so huge it made complete chaos of 20 years of my life. With its help I was able to assimilate and transmute this experience. After I truly stepped into the rainbow and returned to source. Aho

  2. Vanessa Montoya

    When I put the recommended dose in my water and lemon, amazing coincidences appear and further me on my journey towards my highest self. I have some to my 18 year old son with no context and he said some strange occurrences and positive coincidences happened to him that very next day. I believe in the power of anointed plant medicines to guide us – thank you Four Visions Market!

  3. tskinner1134 (verified owner)

    Love this product as it does exactly as it claims! My digestion is always a focal point for me as I hold onto stored emotions and keeping this system Finley tuned is so important to me for immune and detoxification.
    I love this website for so many reasons but the products all are great for spiritual connection but also the descriptions of them are so true and telling!

  4. DKDyson (verified owner)

    Love love this King Nettle. Is an overall body toner & I feel the plant medicine working beautifully within me.

  5. Kambô Kindi (verified owner)

    I love having this in my toolkit especially when cleansing parasites. It is a perfect combination!

  6. willemery1234

    You can really feel the effects of this one. I’ve always suffered with poor digestion thanks to the western diet but this has been a great help!

  7. Maleko76 (verified owner)

    Just wonderful , can really feel it on a cellular level just scrubbing away and cleaning me up! Great for immune boost and helps with my breathing

  8. master_of_deathz_666 (verified owner)

    super healthy product and feel good =)

  9. FunkyEssentials (verified owner)

    I didn’t get to use this medicine, and the order wasn’t right MY FAULT. I love this company. True customer service and care of their clients. 100% my go to shop. Thank you FVM. <3

  10. sulla

    This tincture is necessary in everyone’s cabinet, it’s my go-to daily for ease of my day.

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