Sepá Smudge: Holy Resin of Healing


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We recently acquired a very strong high quality Sepá harvested wildly by the Puyanawa tribe in the virgin forest of Acre. For most of the Brazilian tribes, Sepá is used daily as their go-to smudging agent (similar to how the Colombian tribes traditionally use copal). If a person is sick, if there is any issue to resolve between people or in the community or any general accumulation of negative energy the first thing done in is to light some Sepá to cleanse the space. It is the smoke of the Sepá that carries their prayers. 

Within the Yawanawa, Puyanawa, & Huni Kuin tribes, sepá is a natural perfume found in the home of every single person in the village! It’s very common, but also considered a healer’s greatest ally in ceremony and rituals. The cacique or healer invokes the forest spirits at the moment of smudging and makes his or her requests to the divine beings of the forest to free that person from all heavy energy. When receiving the sepá smoke, the person feels an incredible well-being and their soul is renewed.

We sourced this powerful smudging agent due to many requests we received from you our community. In our recent workshop with Hushahu Yawanawa, she shared that the sepá smoke is the best agent for cleansing our kuripes and tepis. You can light your sepá over coals just as you would copal and then use the smoke to pass through your hapé applicator to cleanse it of any heavy or dense energies it may have picked up during its use. It is very important to care for our pipes as well as all of our healing tools; this smudge is the perfect tool to give nourishment for our most sacred objects. 

3.5 ounces. A little bit goes a long way with this rare and super special resin. 

Application: Crush into fine powder and burn over coals. Use it to bless yourself, your living space, and your sacred healing tools. 

7 reviews for Sepá Smudge: Holy Resin of Healing

  1. Annie Desjardins (verified owner)

    This smudge is so POWERFUL at clearing energy! I highly recommend !

  2. KarinaAstengo (verified owner)

    I highly reccomend!!
    My go to to clear any dense or illness in my space.
    My favorite is also the smell.
    But you can defintely feel the shift after burning. 10 stars handsdown.

  3. luminousliquidlight

    Super effective, beautiful, amazing smell. It clears negative energy & brings such beauty into ones space. Thank you!

  4. darrenj (verified owner)

    This is so beautiful! I used it while holding space for Hapé circle and the space was filled with high vibration. I could feel the energy shift before administering the Hapé and it supported a deeper meditation.

  5. TouVang

    I do not have any type of smudge that cleans my kuripe and did know that it would need to be cleansed. I first found out about it through fourvisionmarket. Hopefully these will be in stock when money is not so tight. I will be a returning customer for sure!

  6. MaxWeltman (verified owner)

    This smudge is great for cleaning out your hape pieces. But it also smells amazing and clears away other forms of energy as well!

  7. Lumi Azha (verified owner)

    My first experience with sepá was deep in the rainforest studying with the yawanawá and ever since returning home I felt deep “saudades” of connecting with this amazing smudge.

    Sepá arrived to four visions market just as I was preparing to organize a ceremony with a Huni Kuin leader! What a treat it was to use it during ceremony 🙏🏼

    I looooove it

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