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Ambi Sacha Yagé Tincture–Made by Taita Juanito

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We are proud to carry this special medicine made by our teacher, Taita Juanito. It is made with traditional plants in the way Juan learned from his lineage of botanists. He is of the Inga Pueblo of Putumayo, Colombia. This medicine will take you to the essence of communion and will function to align the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.

This is a tincture of a micro dose of ambiwasca (the vine & leaf of yagé) for you to use in the comfort of your own home. This is NOT like a pure cup of Yagé; HOWEVER, it is a VERY POWERFUL 100% natural tincture made by Taita Juan with his own hands ONLY containing the Cappi vine and Chagro leaf. This is the perfect elixir for micro-dosing the brew; made in the Yagé tradition with fire, water, prayer and chants. This product is limited quantity.

***Distilled in organic grain alcohol ***Please consult your doctor if you have a gluten allergy***

One bottle will last 1-3 months depending on with how much frequency you are working with it. Keep refrigerated.

Dosage: For spiritual study and dream journeying start with 6 drops before bed. You can increase to 10 drops per night as you feel the call. For immunity strength, integration, & grounding, take 6 drops each morning and increase to 10 drops over time as you feel called. 

**The Ambiwasca Tincture is your ideal plant Ally. Working with this sacred blend will help you open your heart on new levels and connect your mind to the infinite libraries of the Cosmos. You will notice it also supports the bodies different systems in repair and cellular regeneration. There are both spiritual and physical benefits to working with this elixir on a usual schedule. If for whatever reason you are not fully satisfied each bottle is backed by a 1-Year-Hassle-Free-No-Questions-Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee. Your healing and satisfaction are what matter most to us!**

This product is not approved by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. All product information is for educational purposes only. We recommend consulting your medical practitioner before beginning treatment.

*Consumption recommendations are based on use by traditional peoples.*

8 reviews for Ambi Sacha Yagé Tincture–Made by Taita Juanito

  1. Jenna Williams

    I use every evening. Since starting I noticed that I started having really good deep sleep. Beautiful to connect with.

  2. Linda Zucker

    This is potent medicine for dream time and to connect more deeply with the universal love and wisdom of the forest. It helps provide a restful sleep and insightful dreams.

  3. Anne Kerry Ford

    I love so many products offered by Four Visions, but this is the one I hope to never be without. This tincture keeps me connected to the beautiful and powerful spirit and energy of Yage, on an ongoing basis, deepening my connection with Yage (and also with Taita Juanito) beyond ceremony. I take ten drops every evening before bed, and sometimes if I am not physically or emotionally thriving, I will also supplement a few drops in the morning.
    Very, very grateful for this tincture.

  4. MargaretScarborough

    This tincture has helped pinta to be realized as I meditate my way into a sleep state. Visuals are seen with my open eyes as well as clairvoyantly with eyes closed. It’s a beautiful expansive medicine!

  5. hanksterb123 (verified owner)

    This makes me feel good at night.can I take twice a day or only once a day

  6. fiona (verified owner)

    Sleeping better and waking up with insight and calm.

  7. indigoplanetmusic (verified owner)

    Incredible. Hand Crafted, Wild Medicinal Energy. Has enhanced my dreams and connection to the plant spirits in wonderful ways. Thank you four visions and Tiata for providing this

  8. darrenj (verified owner)

    TRUTH as described “For spiritual study and dream journeying” after my nightly hapé and meditation I take 10 drops and I have the most vivid dreams. Last night I remember the first dream was me in ceremony and talking to myself saying we’re going in! And that I did… dream after dream, so vivid and beautiful.

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