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Ambil Paste


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Ambil is the liquid paste that is traditionally eaten with the mambe (coca). It is prepared by taking fresh leaves and cooking them in fresh water over a wood fire for 12 to 20 hours till a paste is formed.  Ambil is often used in the presence of coca leaf or mambe, and the union of these two plants clarifies and sweetens communications, and makes us more sincere in our dealings with one another.  The combination of ambil and mambe represents the sacred union of the Father Creator, represented by , and the Mother Earth, represented by coca leaf. Ambil alone also realigns our chakras, grounds us emotionally, and encourages positive, insightful conversation.  Whenever there is a request for guidance, advice, ceremonies or taking from the plant, animal, or spirit world, is always offered first.

4 reviews for Ambil Paste

  1. MitchPrins

    Very cleansing/ purifying. The spirit of Father Mapacho really works deeply with oral use. I can feel and even smell his spirit within me even a week after I’ve stopped useing. Together with Mother Mambe they really help one align and express their highest divine truth.

  2. Anne Kerry Ford

    I am grateful to have extra ambil available, as I appreciate connecting my heart and my throat by using mambe and ambil together. Working with these medicines balances masculine and feminine divine energies in a beautiful and powerful way.

  3. kevinalexander723 (verified owner)

    I ordered two ambils and unfortunately one of them spilled during delivery. Fourvisions was grateful enough to quickly replace the product.

    This ambil has a smell of coffee and is liquidy, I was surprised after I found out that it does pack a decent punch and will provide you with a good amount of protection. Thanks fourvisions for offering this product!

  4. indigoplanetmusic (verified owner)

    Very powerful ambil. Excellent quality. Beautiful guiding and protecting energy

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