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Handmade Shipibo Rosewood Tepi With Handweaving


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We are excited and grateful to provide these gorgeous handmade tepis from a Shipibo artisan family featuring rosewood for heart opening and featuring porcupine quills for good fortune and self-actualization. Intricate Shipibo beadwork on these pieces represent the Icaros (chants of the culture).  Each woven seed represents a prayer and intention being woven into the design. It is said that, when one of these pieces calls to you, it signifies that the prayer of the specific piece resonates with the vibration your own soul’s blueprint. You are being called to a piece to support you in deepening within the specific power or intention that that weaving invokes. This tepi provides for a smooth and clean application. These are high quality pipes that will last many years!

1 review for Handmade Shipibo Rosewood Tepi With Handweaving

  1. SusanDiVita (verified owner)

    I love this tepi! The artwork is beautiful. You can feel its sacredness as you hold it in your hand. Excellent craftsmanship!

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