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Hustle and Pray with Carlos Duran **NEW**


We are so excited to announce our next 4 part interview series: Hustle and Pray. Hosted by our very own Carlos Duran.

The tight-rope between successful living and spiritual alignment is not easily navigated. Get inside the hearts and minds of 4 men who masterfully combine their professional pursuits and life path.

These 4 men have built, lost, found themselves, rebuilt again, and today lead by example from a place of love and ecstatic bliss! See what they have to reveal about their personal journeys and what insights you can discover for your own growth.

Gerrard Powell has built and sold two 9-figure businesses; all the while burning his life to the ground. Rising like a true Phoenix, he is now changing 1000’s lives every year as the founder and CEO of Rythmia Life Advancement Center.

Kerry Rhodes is a former All-Star-All-Pro NFL phenom. When a lifetime of shutting down his emotions and having to man-up, led him into a dark night-of-the-soul, Kerry found his way home. Today he inspires men to connect with their inner-child, to speak with nature, and commune with God.

Jeff McNairy has dedicated himself to helping other help themselves. Yet, despite massive success with uber-exclusive patients in high-priced clinics, he felt more was needed to support humanity. Jeff is a founding team member at Rythmia Life Advancement Center and heads up their medical department.

Aras Baskauskas was a winner on Survivor. After winning BIG he discovered money was not a road to happiness. Today he captains the first Farm-to-Closet organic fashion house, Christy Dawn, whose credo is “Honoring Mother Earth”.

The entire Part 1 Hustle & Pray Video Series (which includes all 4 unedited and uncut interviews) is yours free. Grab it, consume it and apply what you get to making the World and your life as sweet as possible for EVERYONE!

This video was produced by Carlos Duran with the express intention of improving men’s lives but after seeing exactly how RAW and POWERFUL it is, he decided it needs to be available to anyone who feels the hunger and passion to Hustle and Pray. ENJOY!


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