May Hapé Lovers Club Package ~ TEMPORARY ~

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May is a month filled with the primordial feminine energy and the blessings of the mother. It is this feminine energy that amplifies our desire to create meaningful connections with others, and deepen our connection with ourselves. Just like a child from the womb, the Earth gives birth to new life in the month of May. The budding flowers and beautiful fauna cheer the spirit, and help us heal with renewed energy and light. May is the perfect month to deeply connect with your feminine energy, and embrace the many transformations yet to come.

We are currently having issues with our subscription membership that is not allowing you to sign up for the club membership or re-renew your subscription. We are working on having this fixed as soon as possible. If you would like to make sure you receive a May package, or want to temporarily get access to the Hapé Lovers Club Monthly Package, please purchase this product. ***In the notes section of your order, please make sure you specify what you want for your selection of hapé. Each package comes with a selection of your choice and a hapé of the month for our club members. If you do not specify which hape you would like as your preference for the month, we will select one for you.***

May Hapé Of The Month: Nukini Cumaru Hapé
We bring you a special hapé this month prepared with artisanal tobacco, tsunu ash, and Cumaru Trevo (Justicia pectoralis). Also known as Chamba’, Cumaru Trevo is a native herb from the Amazon whose sweet aroma is reminiscent of vanilla. Its active principle is associated with the cure of respiratory problems in general, and makes for a wonderful hapé with allergy season upon us.

The 3 Tiers:
Hapé Lovers Club: 1/4 oz hapé of your choice + 1/4 oz Hapé of the Month
Hapé Warrior Package: 1/2 oz hapé of your choice + 1/2 oz Hapé of the month
Medicine Carrier Club: 1 oz hapé of your choice + 1/2 oz Hapé of the month

1 review for May Hapé Lovers Club Package ~ TEMPORARY ~

  1. alyssa.brockmeyer

    I love being a club member. It is a no-brainer: a wonderful price, easy to do, and you get a surprise harp every month that you may have never tried if just ordering for your self. I also like the free shipping on the entire store, WHAT A GREAT DEAL!!!!

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