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Strength and Spiritual Direction Pouch


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This sweet little zipper bag is the perfect way to carry your sacred medicines.

The Unique Significance of this Wayuu Pouch: This pouch carries the prayer of spiritual direction, strength, clarity, and growth in wisdom. It will help to support you in staying focused, vigilant, and persistent with your dreams and visions, and provide you strength and the wisdom of the Ones that Walked Before Us. It also invites more color into your life, through more passion and joy.

Authentic Wayuu Medicine Bag & Art (One-of-A-Kind/Fair Trade)
This Wayuu bag is a hand woven medicine bag. It is a creation of prayer and art offered to you and the World by the men and women of the Wayuu tribe in Colombia. The bag itself is traditionally woven by the women and the strap for the bag is traditionally woven by the men. These weavings are the foundation of the Wayuu people and is how they support their rancherias (communities). Each bag is a one-of-a-kind handmade piece with a unique significance. You can use your Wayuu bag for daily activity or in ceremony. It will become a true ally for you on this sacred path, carrying your most precious items and grounding you in the strength of the indigenous people.

Made in: La Guajira Desert, Colombia  Materials: Cotton.


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