Bamboo Tepi Shared Applicator


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These sacred tepis are handmade by our dear brother Jhon Freddy in Colombia. Jhon is one of the oldest disciples of our teacher, Taita Juanito. He has been studying and working with the plants for 16 years. His art is a prayer that he offers in humility to share with those walking the medicine path. He is very grateful for this opportunity to share his applicators with us.

2 reviews for Bamboo Tepi Shared Applicator

  1. Jenna Williams

    I’ve had the pleasure of administering hápe to a few beautiful souls. It’s an honor to witness the transformation and hear the testimonials.

  2. Anne Kerry Ford

    It is such a pleasure and honor to share hape with others…deepens my own relationship with this beautiful, transformational medicine. We both benefit from the exchange in such a powerful way.

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