Urucum Body Paint

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We welcome the Kingdom of Flowers with the sacred Red Urucum, paint extracted from the seeds of its flower.
We salute the Ashaninka People who arrive bringing flowers to @fourvisionsmarket through the ancestry of traditional paints, still used today to paint the body, clothes, among so many medicinal functions that are contained in this beautiful tree in the Amazon!
Long live all the flowers, all the seeds, all the fruits!
Long live the Peoples of the Forest!
Long live the ancestral wisdom cultures!

This sacred body paint comes to us from the Ashaninka Tribe, although it is a common practice amongst most tribes from Brazil and South America in general. In many cultures it is part of the daily routine after the morning bath to paint the face with Urucum. There are specific designs that are used as tribal identification and for aligning with spirit animals or the enchanted forces of the forest. There are also more individual designs that they paint on their faces that are particular to each person. It is said that the Ashaninka people paint their faces with urucum each morning to represent how they are feeling and what their intention is for the day. 

This magical dye has been used in countless ways for centuries by people throughout South America. It was reportedly used for body paint among the native Taínos in Borinquen, Puerto Rico. It was used as a hair dye by men of the Tsáchila of Ecuador. The Aztec people of Mexico used Achiote seeds as source of a red ink for manuscript painting in the 16th century. It has been traced back to the ancient Mayan Indians, who employed it as a principal coloring agent in foods, for body paints, and as a coloring for arts, crafts, and murals. The rainforest tribes have used the entire plant as medicine for centuries, using the seed for tinctures, teas, and other herbal remedies to treat various diseases. It is the amazon’s natural insect repellant and sunscreen.

These viles are made of bamboo and contain concentrated powder. Medium vile contains approximately 50 grams. Xlarge vile contains approximately 100 grams. We currently have 15 viles of each. We may get more in the future but for now it is a limited quantity product. Make sure to stock up if you are called to work with this sacred plant ally!

DIRECTIONS: Use the toothpick inside the pot to apply the paint onto your skin. Paint from your heart. Let it flow! If the paint drys up a little coconut oil can be added. To remove, wash with warm water & soap.


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