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Womb Cleansing: Empowered Goddess Yoni Steam Blend


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Made in loving prayer to heal, cleanse, & purify, and to bring you home to sacred connection & power. Our womb cleansing yoni steam is designed for women with disease or infirmity in the womb or female reproductive organs, who suffer from cysts, fibroids, or have experienced sexual trauma or wounding. This steam is designed to cleanse the & heal the womb from all energetic & physical blockages that are preventing wellbeing.

“I release all that no longer serves, claiming my power in wholeness”

Jasmine, Lavender, Helichrysum, White Sage, Parsley, Sophora root, Cornsilk, Pink & Blue Lotus

These yoni steams were made by Four Visions Market Co-Owner Mariah Gannessa, a medicine womban & lover of the sacred feminine body. She was inspired to create our yoni steaming line because of her own transformational experience using yoni steaming which helped her heal chronic PMS, hormonal imbalance, and irregular cycles. It is her hope that this line of steams inspire more women to turn to the sacred plant allies as tools to support in the healing of their wombs. As womb carriers, we are guardians of life, and it is so very important that we empower ourselves by learning how to care for our feminine bodies.

 A Yoni Steam, also known as a vaginal steam, or bajos, is the ancient practice of sitting or squatting over a steaming pot of water infused with herbs. It’s a powerful ally for female vitality in nourishing the womb, pelvic floor, hormone rebalancing, and cleansing the womb of toxins/trauma/female reproductive illnesses. It is supportive to overall reproductive health and fertility and works as a nourishing ritual for reconnecting a woman with her body and feminine center.

This packet contains 6oz, good for approximately 4-6 steams.

Important: It is not recommended to steam if you have an IUD or during menstruation. DO NOT STEAM IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR THINK YOU MAY BE PREGNANT.

9 reviews for Womb Cleansing: Empowered Goddess Yoni Steam Blend

  1. empoweruslia (verified owner)

    The womb cleansing blend was the most intimately refreshing experience, I’ve ever had in my entire 46 years on earth. I felt so feminine, so beautiful, and so powerful while I sat meditating during my yoni steam. The scent from the herbs was BLISSFUL. It filled the room and made the experience that much more relaxing. I truly do feel like an “Empowered Goddess.” THIS is by far my FAVORITE self care ritual. GO DIVINE FEMININES! YES! Thank you “Four Visions.” ~ Lia Black of Empower Us Life Coaching

  2. krystinmrogers

    My husband brought this for me and it was the best gift he could’ve ever got me! It’s exactly what I needed! I have various female health issues and when I use this cleanse I can feel magic happening! I feel so refreshed, clean, connected to my womb and to my divine feminine! This is essential for any woman in need of healing! I’ve paired this cleanse with the warmi killa tincture and with the voice of the womb: songs of wisdom course and the combination is alchemical magic! I can honestly say my womb is being healed! I’ll continue to use this cleanse! I’m most grateful for this blend!

  3. (verified owner)

    This yoni steam has absolutely been one of the first that I’ve used that I’ve loved! The authentic ingredients that are fresh is what has me hooked! You can smell the fruitfulness of the blend… I have endometriosis and I’ve been using this blend for about a year now and it truly has done remarkable things for my womb space… softly breaking down cystic matter and gently cleansing every time I use. I would absolutely recommend this one to anyone that has any type of cysts, endometriosis or PCOS type of situation going on! 10/10!

  4. Marta Siles (verified owner)

    I really love this womb cleansing blend. It is so relaxing to sit and meditate. It smells fantastic and feels really good afterwards. I love that it has lotus. Helps me release and heal. Thank you so much to the women who prepare this blend. I am so grateful 🙏🏼🤍

  5. holly.fuerst (verified owner)

    This steam was my first steam ever, I had such a powerful experience the medicine began its work before I completed the steaming and heating process and continued. It was so pure and cleansing. I had never even heard of this type of cleansing and found it here on the site. For me it is a new part of life, healing and cleansing. You can truly feel and experience the purity and blessings in the herbs. This is such an important practice to begin for all women and has really helped me to cleanse and reconnect with my own inner goddess. Thank you for sharing this special intimate practice with the world.

  6. shanocc96

    Oh my Goddess!!! Where have Yoni steams been all my life? As I’m sure you know if you happen to be on this particular website we don’t easily learn about nearly enough of the tools we can utilize to aid us on our life journeys. Yoni steams are absolutely one of them this particular yoni steam is magic in a bag and a must for cleansing and charging your yoni portal. I’m so thankful to these herbs and all the nourishment and intention that went into this.

  7. andrew20289 (verified owner)

    You need this! For all the women in your life, get this for them too!

    I’ve had the privilege of watching my wife go through a beautiful transformation using this! It has 100% helped her healing process! She suffered with various issues and this steam blend has helped her connect to and heal her womb! I honestly can say it’s helped accelerate her healing journey!
    I’m eager to get her the other yoni steam blends after seeing her success with this one!

    If you have endometriosis please get this! It will help, trust me!
    Eternally grateful to those who made this blend and to Four visions!

  8. beeniemann7 (verified owner)

    Not gonna lie, it was awkward the first time I used it but OMG!! I LOVE it!!!

  9. Ashley Hamson (verified owner)

    I purchased this blend a month ago and it has worked magic on my monthly cycle! I have less pain and I feel more connected! I have really enjoyed making this ritual apart of my month! I absolutely love four visions as well and have loved all products I have purchased!

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